Welcome to JETBLK EMPIRE, where the convergence of diverse backgrounds sparks an integration of creativity. 

Founded by two Cleveland,Ohio natives, Jovian Julian Scrozzari and Mekhari Montclare, the JETBLK EMPIRE brand exemplifies the power of collaboration, modernization, and the shared passion for how style and fashion can be used to create ultimate confidence within an individual. 

Fueled by a shared vision to create something exceptional, JETBLK EMPIRE is designing products that match their vision, and are only sourcing top-grade materials for use in all products.

While designing their first sunglasses frame, LIVIA, Jovian’s Sicilian family heritage inspired them to highlight the long-standing tradition of craftsmanship in Italy, which is known for producing high-quality and meticulously crafted products.

The reverence for LIVIA (the first and longest reigning empress of the Roman Empire) is presented within the first product release.

Like LIVIA herself, this top-grade frame (hand made in Italia) is both bold and chic, while possessing an edge.